Bogota, June 11, 2003


Father Aulagnier had reacted enthusiastically to the encyclical of the Holy Father, Ecclesia de Eucharistia. The BTAG received by mail this response which was   addressed to him from “Padre Meramo, Prior de la Fraternidad San Pio X in Columbia”.


Dear Monsieur abbé Aulagnier,


As up to the present, no one has responded (that I know of) to your declaration of May 10, 2003, I feel a moral obligation to make known to you openly and clearly your error, I would say your derailment.


You speak enthusiastically of the return to liturgical pluralism, the encyclical of the Pope being the root-cause. You rejoice over pluralism as an ecclesial reality to which one should accustom others. You see as a victory the Pope has spoken (causa finita est), even if the bishops of France have a hard time in accepting this. All this is false, absolutely false. It is a veritable limp, and you indeed will show us, at a Rome prostituting itself for modernism, the road to take for contaminating us with its apostasy.


It is shameful to speak about liturgical pluralism, which is abominable to God. The ideal for you is to have a traditional altar in the pantheon of false religions. We should never confound plurality of rites in the Church with liturgical plurality, plurality of worship, which is an abomination as is religious plurality. For there is only one God, a sole truth, a sole Church, a sole baptism, a sole worship.


Your return to liturgical pluralism is an apostasy, a limping in combat from Tradition and a betrayal. It is ignoble of one of the oldest disciples of Mgr. Lefebvre envisions such a thing with the pretension of passing it on to us.


You speak also about the catholicization of the new Mass: this is another error which  demonstrates the blindness of whoever says it. One cannot catholicize a bastard Mass, a bad Mass, as Mgr. Lefebvre calls it. It would be to catholicize error; and error needs to be corrected, not baptized.


The new Mass has been called a bastard Mass by Mgr. Lefebvre because it is born of the illegitimate and adulterous copulation between Catholicism and Protestantism. Such a thing cannot be catholicized, this being again a limping, an apostasy.


Dear friend, return to the truth. You need to stop making a shambles amongst us. You are worst than the modernist and liberal enemy, worst than those who infiltrate, you are the rotten apple which will contaminate the whole sack.


Excuse me for speaking to you in this way, but one must tell the truth above all, for it is the truth which saves us and makes us free. This is why Our Lord told us “veritas liberabit vos” (Jn. 8:32).


Reflect upon this at the foot of the Cross and may the grace of God enlighten you.


In union of prayer,

                                                                           Father Basilio Meramo